Updated Rogue Raid Entry Procedures

Given the current feedback on demand for entries to the Rogue Raid, I’ve made the move to implement some changes in how the entry system will work to alleviate the stress of entries for both myself and competitors.  Despite increasing the number of available places in the event, I suspect that demand may still reach the capacity of our event logistics and permits. As such:


  • Pre-entries will remain open for any eligible team that fit pre-entry requirements until 7:30pm 9/12/2017 (ie, QRA volunteers, international teams and interstate 2017 Adventure1 Grand Slam club members).
  • More information on pre-entry qualifications can be found here. Contact me directly here if you think your team should qualify for pre-entry.

General Entries:

  • General entries will be open for a 72 hour period at 7:30pm on 6/12/2017 HERE. Teams can lodge an entry anytime during this period and payment is not yet required.
  • General entries will close at 7:30pm on 9/12/2017 if the race reaches capacity (otherwise they will remain open until full).
  • At the end of the 72 hour period, if we can accommodate the number of entries received, all teams will be offered a place and payment details will be sent to team captains. Payment will be required within 5 business days to secure a place.
  • At the end of the 72 hour period, if we have more demand than we can accommodate, teams will enter a random lottery system for an entry. Again, teams that are successful in getting a place will be notified directly and will need to secure their spot with payment within 5 business days.
  • Unsuccessful teams in the lottery system will be put on a waitlist and/or offered priority entry into the 6 hour Rogue Raid.

Waitlist Process:

  • If a spot in the 24 hour race becomes available due to a team withdrawal, the next team on the waitlist will be offered that place. Any team unable to compete should contact me directly to notify of their withdrawal so that we can offer up their spot to a waitlist team and they will receive a refund as per the Raid Adventures refund policy. This includes teams moving from the 24 hour to the 6 hour event.
  • If payment is not received within 5 business days from the offer of a place in the race, the spot will be offered to the next team on the waitlist.
  • A number of places in the race will be reserved for special interest teams (for example high-profile media teams or international teams) which may subsequently be offered to waitlist teams.
  • In the event that race sells out, late entries will still be taken after 7:30pm on 9/12/2017 and these can join the waitlist.
  • Whether a team that was unsuccessful in the lottery does or does not accept a 6 hour entry does not effect their place on the waitlist.  Six hour entries will open at 7:30pm AEST on 9/12/2017 as previously advertised and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis with no increased capacity from previous years.
  • Teams on the waitlist that have entered the 6 hour race but are subsequently offered a place in the 24 hour race can move up into the 24 hour race without incurring any additional fees other than the price difference in entry. This is to encourage teams to race the 6 hour if the 24 hour is oversubscribed.

I’ve decided to implement these changes to alleviate the stress of the entry system but to also be equitable to all teams.  No priority will be given to teams of 2 or 4 competitors – both will be treated equally in the lottery and waitlist system.  Any successful lottery team suspected of “place holding” a spot without genuine intentions of competing or for doubling up on lottery spots will be contacted directly to confirm their bona fides (for example data like having a full team list or names duplicated across entries will be taken into account).

Hopefully this system will be as equitable as possible – even more so than a first-in, first-served system where computer access at a set time may be difficult for some competitors.

All going well, I’m hopeful that we should be able to accommodate every team in their desired event.

General entries are now open HERE.