Rogue Raid Entry Process

In a little over a month, entries will open for the 2018 Rogue Raid.  While every edition of “The Rogue” has sold out, this happens at an ever increasing rate. Despite the race moving to a commercial model for 2018, I suspect demand will remain relatively high.  As such, I’ve increased entry limits by 20%, with a backup option to increase by 40% if full demand requires it (although in terms of event logistics my preference is to run with a smaller field).

Note that there will be a pre-entry process for some teams to secure a place in the race.  This includes:

  1. Any team with a member who has volunteered at a QRA or Raid Adventures event in the past 12 months. See details of our volunteer rewards scheme here for more details. A current list of eligible volunteers can be found here.
  2. Any team with a member who is specifically flying in from overseas to race.
  3. A limited number of special interest places (for example, an interstate team that completed the Adventure 1 Grand Slam in 2017, a team with a member who has completed every edition of the Rogue or a team who are able to offer wider media exposure for the race).

In the interest of equity, all other places will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Team captains will need to register their teams and make payment to secure a position. Note you will not need a full team roster to make an entry. Note also that, unlike in the past, you will not need a QRA membership to enter (although we encourage you to become a QRA member and support all rogaines)!

If you wish to be considered for a pre-entry, please email your team details (team name and size) along with the criteria under which you qualify to If you wish to claim a concurrent volunteer reward of a $50 discount, please indicate for which team members this will apply, and which event they volunteered at, so that I can make a price adjustment.

For all other teams, entries will open 7:30pm on Friday 8 December here. Entries for the 6hr version of the Rogue Raid will open 24 hours later.