Raid100 Racer Update

With only 48 more days until competitors are standing on the start line of the Raid100 it’s time to catch up on some of the all important pre-race logistics.

Course Setting

The final touches are being placed on the course.  Check points have been assigned score values: there are exactly 100 CPs totaling 500 points in value spread over 9 stages all up for grabs.  Flags will start to be hung in mid-March.  The area is going through one of its driest spells in many years – fingers crossed for some much needed rain prior to race day.

Course Setting Photos

Live Website

As part of the Raid100, our team will be running a live website for online spectators. This will include a live tracking system, a leaderboard updated with scores at the end of each stage, photo galleries and more. As part of the live viewing experience, we will be trialing a dedicated discussion forum for the race. This will be the go to place for all the news stories, live updates and gossip from the course and will allow spectators to debate the different race rumours, navigational brilliance and strategies unfolding on the screens before them. The link to the live site can be found below – please share with your friends and family in the lead up to the race.

Raid100 Live Website

Finalising Team Details

We would request that teams please send through updated details for all their known team members.  A full team list can be found linked below – please check to confirm all team members are present and correct.  Please also confirm you are entered in the correct class and category (for example, mixed veteran team of 4, etc). Any updates can be emailed through with additional team members names, email and age.

It’s common at this stage of pre-race frivolities to have teams on the hunt for replacement team mates through injury or other commitments. If you find yourself in that position, send through your information and we can assist in playing match maker with other teams also in need of help.

Raid100 Team List

Payment Deadline

For teams with outstanding funds due, please note that the standard entry fee rate closes on 12 March, after which point a late fees applies. If you require assistance with payment, please contact us via email.

Entry Payment

Accommodation Preferences

Teams will be provided accommodation before and after the race. To confirm your place at the accommodation, your team must complete the short survey below.  Additional guests can also be booked through this option.

Accommodation Survey

Updated Gear List

Note that there have been a few subtle changes to the mandatory equipment list since it was first released.  These include:

  • Teams need to carry 4 x new AAA lithium batteries. These are to be used as a back up for the Spot GPS trackers.
  • Teams are permitted to split their paddling equipment into two bags: A paddle bag with just their paddles and a kayak bag with all remaining mandatory kayak gear. A single kayak bag with all equipment in it is also fine.
  • Every competitor must carry two rear lights while cycling. One should be attached to their pack and the other on their bike. These should be on at all times, day and night, while riding.

Raid100 Equipment List

Call for Volunteers

Know someone interested in being involved in the race? We have an excellent team of volunteers who have already put their hand up to help out with the Raid100. However, we can always do with more help. We take great care of our volunteers, covering their expenses and handing out a great set of swag. Contact us via email if you would like to be involved behind the scenes.

Volunteer Contact

That covers the most pressing logistical points for now. I’ll be in touch again in the lead up with final logistics, news from the course setting, sponsorship announcements and race predictions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All the best with your final training preparations,