Raid 100 Accommodation Survey

Please complete the form below so that we are able to make the appropriate arrangements for accommodation at the Raid 100 race HQ venue situated at the Gold Coast Recreation Centre.

Note that accommodation on the night before the race (Monday 22 April) and the night that the race finishes (Saturday 27 April) is included in your entry fee for every team member.  Four meals are also included: pre-race dinner + breakfast and post-race dinner + breakfast (including the Sunday awards breakfast). Teams are responsible for all meals and accommodation outside of these times.

We have some availability for additional guests. Beds are $30 per person, per night and meals are $20 per person per meal. Accommodation is also available for guests during the 4 nights of the race. It is also possible for teams to book accommodation at the venue either before or after the official race schedule, all pending availability. Please notify us below if either of these are a requirement for your team.

Any team that withdraws from the race and does not wish to continue on the course will be returned to race HQ as timely as race logistics permit. Accommodation will be made available at race HQ for these teams at a charge of $30 per person per night.

Depending on available space, teams will need to share a room in the dorm-style accommodation. If there is another team you would like to share a room with, please list them here.
Additional guest can be booked for a cost of $30 per person, per night pending availability. Additional meals (4 in total, 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners) provided to competitors can also be booked for guests at a cost of $20 per person, per meal. Accommodation is also available for guests during the 4 nights of the race. Volunteers assisting for the week are accommodated and fed for free.
All event volunteers are provided accommodation and meals courtesy of the race.
Accommodation at the Gold Coast Recreation Centre can be booked independent of the race. If you wish to come early or stay late, we can assist with this booking. If you answer "Yes" to this question, we will follow up with further details via email.
If there are any subsequent changes to your team's accommodation and travel requirements, please notify us at