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Tracking Replay

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Overall Results
Spreadsheet with detailed analysis

The leaderboard recorded the team’s scores as they passed through each transition area.

Race Reports

Organiser’s Report
Wild Earth / Tiger Adventure

Rogue Adventure
Tiger Adventure
Everyday Life Fitness Tiger Adventure
Wild Flow Tiger Adventure
Dynamite Adventure Racing
Mountain Designs Wild Women
Aussie Battlers Adventure Racing
BMX Bandits
Fuse Creative
Off Trail Adventures Tigers
Tri Adventure For Better or For Worse
Adventure Racing Coromandel
Team Really
GT Sloths
Sunshine Unicycles
BW Adventure Racing
Because Uber was Busy – Tiger Adventure

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Race Maps

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Here are the Course Notes, but note there were some changes to cutoff times at TA3, teams had to leave that TA between midnight and 11am on 25 April.


A full list and profiles from all our teams.