Rogue Raid 2018 Live Site



Live GPS tracking of Adventure 1 teams can be found here.


Progressive results of 24 hour teams through each stage posted here.

2014 Rogue24 Course Preview 10PHOTOS

Photos from all the course action posted here and here.


The actual race maps competitors are using on both courses.

2018 Rogue24 Course Information Sheet
2018 Rogue24 Map-1 1to20000 A3
2018 Rogue24 Map-2 1to40000 A3
2018 Rogue24 Map-3 1to40000 A4
2018 Rogue24 Map-4 1to20000 A4

2018 Rogue6 Course Information Sheet
2018 Rogue6 Map 1to25000 A4


The full team list for both the Rogue Raid courses can be found here.



For more news from the course, jump over to the Rogue Facebook Page.

  • Monday 14:30 – Adventure1 teams: download the GPS track of your race here. Afterall, if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen. (Note, if the file you download ends in the extension .gps.html you will need to change this to just .gpx).
  • Monday 14:30 – Additional post-race tracking analysis can be found here.
  • Monday 13:20 – Watch a replay of the race here. My advice is to pick 4 or 5 teams of interest and play at x120 speed!
  • Monday 13:20 – Official results from the Rogue Raid 6hr and 24hr events can be found here.
  • Sunday 6:30 – For some video action from out on the course, make sure to check out the Facebook page of Mojo AR.
  • Saturday 16:00 – Preliminary results for the 6 hour race can be found here. Congrats to all the teams. Full details will be posted up once the dust settles. Let us know if there are any corrections: Rogue Raid 6 Hour Results
  • Saturday 7:45 – Maps are live!
  • Tuesday 23:30 – The Volunteer Logistics document has been sent to all volunteers. Stay tuned for a big thank you shout out to all our marvellous volunteers.
  • Monday 22:30 – The final race document has with all the event details has been emailed to competitors. It can be downloaded here.
  • Monday 14:00 – Catch up on the preview of the competition and what is in store for competitors here.


Results from both the 6hr and 24hr race are here.


Send your race reports to