Mentor Program

Looking to help develop the next wave of young Australian adventure racers?  Want a free run on our youth only course?  As part of the Colts Raid race, we are offering the Colts Mentor Program.  The program aims to partner experienced adventure racers with one of our Junior Colts teams.  You’re roll will be to:

  • Be a point of contact for the team in the lead up to the race to answer any questions they have around preparation and sourcing equipment.
  • Support the team during the race to provide an extra level of safety and assist in a mentoring capacity.

On the course, you are not expected to help the team directly.  Let them make their own navigation mistakes and learn from them, but save them if they are getting into a hopeless situation.  Let them resolve their own team dynamic issues, but step in if things become too heated.  Let them fix their own bike mechanical breakdowns, but talk them through the process.  Be their personal cheer leader.

To participate in the program you need the following:

  • Be a current member of the Queensland Rogaine Association.
  • An intermediate level of adventure racing and navigation experience: if you’ve gotten a team to the finish line of an adventure race before, that should suffice.
  • Your own bike and kayak on race day.
  • Hold a Working With Children Blue Card (free for volunteers and can be completed here).
  • A patient demeanour.
  • Be accessible in the weeks leading up to the race via email or phone conversation in the event your team is looking for help.
  • Be fit enough to keep up with a team of Australia’s next generation of adventure racing stars!

If this sounds like you, drop me a line at with a quick little bio about your race experience and any other relevant qualifications (first aid certificates, teaching experience, etc).  The first pilot Colts Raid race is scheduled for Sunday 29 April 2018.  We will pair you up with an appropriately matched youth team in the lead up to the race.  If you have a team that you wish to mentor in mind already, be sure to include that in your email.  An information document will be provided to all Mentors in the lead up to the Colts Raid event.

The Colts Raid Mentor Program: a fantastic way to give back to the sport we all love so much.